Research & Development

Research and development overview
FSD always adheres to create value for customers through innovation. For a long time, FSD invests more than 10% of the sales revenue to research and development, and use more than 10% of the investment in research and development in the research on the cutting-edge technology, core technology and basic technology. In the company's research and development center, the mature developers have rich development experience and a high degree of technology foresight, they continuously introduce the advanced technology in the world, with wisdom and sweat creating various products ahead of those of the domestic counterparts, with the constant innovation of science and technology to better serve human life.

Technical force
The product research and development are the key of the enterprise management, which concerns the development of the enterprise. Adhering to the enterprise strategy of wisdom science and technology, the FSD product research and development center always sticks to the design philosophy of "independent research and development, technology innovation", the company keeps introducing advanced equipment in the world and elites of different industries all the year round, to set up the international research and development system and build the technical backbone teams skilled in the research and development of conventional simulation products and leading digital products in the industry. It continually improves the systems engineering, hardware, software, structure and appearance design of products, enriches the product function, expands the users' communication experience, to provide users with communication products of excellent performance, comprehensive functions and reliable quality!

Scientific research achievements
Interphone: can not only provide the end-to-end intercom function, but also provide the data business functions such as DTMF multiple tone and double-frequency, ANI identity identification code, information channel name text editing and remote control alarm status and so on.

Battery: can provide not only the power supply function, but also the data business function, including electric quantity display, voltage data, voltage protection, automatic restroration and automatic power saving function and so on.

Charger: can provide not only the power supply business, but also the basic functions of full electricity prompt, intelligent light change, fast and slow charging switching and automatic restoration and so on, and the charger with a display screen also includes the value-added services of battery life statistics, battery capacity test, turning off at too low voltage and battery charging progress.

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